The Alliance Farms and Families

Locust Haven Farm
Lance and Donna Arey

Stillhouse Farm
Randy and Amy Batson
Middle Lane Farm
Justin and Tina Via
Ladybug Hill Farm
David Martin and Chris Tolar
Berta Mae's Boers
Tony and Syakay Shifflett

Locust Haven Farm

Locust Haven Farm is located in Mount Crawford Virginia, just a few miles from the Interstate 81.  The farm is owned and operated by Lance and Donna Arey.  The Areys are one of the established breeders of quality show wethers in our area.  Corine started showing goats at our local fair the first year they offered goat classes.  She is now showing in ABGA shows.  Shelvin is still showing show wethers and had reserve champion heavyweight wether in 2016 at the Rockingham County Fair.

Lance has a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Virginia Tech.  Donna has a B.S. in Animal Science and Chemistry from University of Wisconsin Platteville. Lance and Donna graduated college the same year and were recruited by Smithfield in Virginia to manage the hog farm operation.  They met at Smithfield and soon were married.  They both grew up in farming families with livestock and vegetable gardens.  Lance milked cows, tended rabbits, chickens, and sheep for years as a kid.  Donna lived on an 80 acre cash crop farm growing up.

The Arey's have recently stepped up their game by learning how to do A.I. in goats and are using some top genetics in the industry.

Stillhouse Farm

Stillhouse Farm is located on 105 acres in picturesque Pendleton County, WV near the VA border. The farm is owned and operated by Amy and Randy Batson along with their twin sons, Brock and Colton. Amy grew up on a large beef and dairy farm, and was very active in 4-H/FFA livestock judging and showing cattle. Both she and Randy obtained degrees in Agriculture with a major in Animal Science from West Virginia University.

In 2012, they bought their first Boer goats and were hooked. Stillhouse Farm strives to produce quality fullblood and percentage Boer goats for breeding replacements and show, as well as providing reasonably priced wether prospects for local 4-H/FFA members.

Breeding stock is selected based on conformation, growth, hardiness, and maternal abilities.  Our does are pasture kept, and only fed grain during late pregnancy and lactation. Stillhouse Farm has already produced a few champion wethers at local shows and is making a successful move into the ABGA show arena.

Middle Lane Farm

Middle Lane Farm is located in Grottoes Virginia.  The farm is owned and operated by Justin and Tina Via.  Our focus is to produce quality Boers that can be used as breeding or show stock.  Developing a herd with genetics that are low maintenance yet sustainable and thrifty on mainly pasture and browse is also given careful consideration.  In 2016, we acquired several wether style animals to help meet the growing need in the area for 4-H and FFA market animals.  Rockingham and Augusta Counties have seen a steady increase in the youths interest in showing these animals in market and jack pot shows, as well as local and state fairs.

Justin and Tina Via have always been involved in agriculture and livestock. Justin was raised in Grottoes, Virginia and competed in 4-H and FFA market shows showing sheep and beef cattle. After high school Justin went on to work for one of the larger cow/calf operations in Augusta County at Maple Springs Farm.  Tina is very competitive and loves to show animals.  She has started off with a bang in the show ring in 2016, earning points on her own homebreds. 

Tina was raised in Pendleton County, WV on a poultry farm where she grew up as an avid equine enthusiast. She has shown in many different disciplines like Hunter Under Saddle and Western Pleasure until she was introduced to cow horses and the world of penning and sorting.  She has experience managing horse stable and as a manager in the distribution centers of several large companies. Justin worked on Jeff Slaven's beef cattle operation, Maple Springs Farm in Weyers Cave. Consisted of several hundred brood cows, made 20,000+ small squares a season. Hay sales and delivery to customers. He has also worked for a Featherlite Dealership, obtaining knowledge in sales and designing trailers. One of his biggest sales was to the City of Harrisonburg when he designed a communications trailer used in natural disasters as a point of communication.  He currently is working for Binkley and Hurst as a tractor mechanic.

Along with raising Boer goats, the Via's are working towards building and maintaining a small cow/calf herd. Future plans include the goal of purchasing more land to carry out this growing operation. 

Ladybug Hill Farm

Ladybug Hill Farm is a small 8 acre farm located in western Rockingham County near Rawley Springs.  The farm is operated by Chris Tolar and David Martin.  Chris grew up breeding and riding hunter horses/ponies and graduated from VA Tech with a B.S in Animal Science.  She also has a B.S. in nursing and has been an ICU nurse for over 20 years.  The combination of animal husbandry knowledge and critical care nursing skills are great when dealing with breeding and managing goats.

She got interested in goats as a source of meat initially and bought her first registered Boer goat in 2004.  Since then she has added show lines and improved her stock while trying to maintain good maternal qualities and hardiness.  She has added some color to the herd while trying to breed them up using proven bucks with show genetics.  David is an escalation engineer for a computer company.  He works from home which allows him to help manage the day to day operations. 

Berta Mae's Boers and Back Road Farm

Tony and SyaKay started their small farm in Page county in 2010. Originally a few goats were purchased with the intent for them to be pets for their daughter Ashley who has an extreme love of all animals. Those few goats turned into an obsession for both mother and daughter. We purchased our first Boers for breeding in 2011. We aim to raise good hardy goats that do well on mainly pasture. We try to choose does who have great maternal instincts and are also very hardy. We have recently gotten into showing and are looking forward to adding some good quality show goats to our herd.

Tony has been a cattle farmer for his whole life. Growing up on a farm in Page county, he helped his father raise cattle and train horses. He was also a cattle hauler for many years traveling all over. SyaKay was born in Ohio and moved to Virginia when she was 13.  Despite not always living on a farm, she stayed involved with farm life and animals.  Her grandfather owned a small farm and raised Hereford cattle.  Her mother was a barrel racer in her younger days. SyaKay was involved in FFA throughout high school.